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The Third issue includes 4 peer-reviewed articles and 3 Book reviews. During spring I served as a Chair of Promotion Committee for the rank of an associate professor. I submitted the report on April I submitted the final report January Dale Eickelman to deliver a lecture on education in the Gulf in October Carol Bier to deliver a lecture on Islamic Art in October 10, Monday, May 12 C Tuesday, May 13 C1- Participated in a workshop about Using the Media and Blackboard, November 16, Designed and conducted this workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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AAA Anthropology News. Oct 15, February 5, The show was organized by Abu Dhabi TV for 2 hours am. In Gul Ozyegin ed. Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Cultures. Abdalla, Mustafa. Abduljabbar, Dima Abdulmajeed PhD Thesis: the University of Leicester. Abu-Lughod, Lila. Abu-Zahra, Nadia. Ithaca Press. Media representation of Muslims and Islam from to A meta-analysis. International Communication Gazette, 79 3 , PhD Thesis, University of Baghdad. Handbook of Arab American Psychology. In Mona M.

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  • Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon (Volume X, 2010-2011).
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Collected Plays of Daniel Curzon (Volume X, 2010-2011)

Shades of intolerance: the influence of terrorism on discriminatory attitudes and behaviors in the United Kingdom and Canada. Rutgers University-Graduate School-Newark. Bakar, Osma. Banchoff, Thomas and Wuthnow, Robert Religion and the Global Politics of Human Rights.

International Journal of Environmental and Science Education

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The multiple realities of sameness and difference: Ideology and practice. Journal of Social Issues 53, Etikan, I. Comparison of Convenience Sampling and Purposive Sampling.

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Social isolation and loneliness in later life: A parallel convergent mixedmethods case study of older adults and their residential contexts in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, USA. Frye, M. Cultural Meanings and the aggregation of actions: The case of sex and schooling in Malawi.

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