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When Donna's mother, Eve dies, her sister inherits everything of value.

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All Donna gets is a list of addresses and mementos from her mother's life, to be delivered to the significant people of her past. Each delivery closes a chapter of Eve's life, but it's ripping Donna's old wounds right open. Her absentee father, her evangelical aunt, people who were supposed to be there and weren't, even in death Eve can't calm the storm caused by secrets and lies.

Her mother's dying wish sends Donna on a road trip from Texas to Arizona to make peace, uncover secrets, and find understanding in the life she's been dealt. In the middle of the Mojave Desert, 70 miles from Las Vegas, is a telephone booth. Its number was posted on the Internet.

It became a global phenomenon. After a number of random dialings of the number a woman across the globe began to reach random people in a place where strangers connect.

Meetings for 'Downwinders' as compensation program set to come to an end

A place where secrets are uncovered. A story of four desperate people and how their lives intersect at a telephone booth. A man reflects on his childhood and working at his dads garage during the late seventies. Two best friends plan to leave the small town they grew up in but leaving home isn't always that easy. Matt; 18, works at his dad's garage,smart, sensitive, just graduated from high school. Schultz; 21, works for his dad in construction, strong headed,high schooldropout.

For Matt it's getting out of the garage and pursuing his passion. For Schultz, it's simply survival, to get away from his abusive father. But leaving the garage turns out to be more difficult than Matt realized. Matt has a strong loyalty to his dad, despite his father's drinking problem, and he knows the impact leaving the garage will have.

Plus Matt's just having met a girl who will rock his world. A devastating incident occurs and Matt will now have to find his true direction in life. A comedy about great actors and their on and off stage dramas and farces including adultery, burglary, suicide and murder. In a desperately improvised and inspired performance, Bandrowsky convinces Marvin that the real villain is not him, but instead -- the Duke, who killed his beloved daughter Gilda.

In truth, however, there is no mistress, just a brilliant con woman who takes off with all of Helen's jewels.

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And that's all in the first act. Alex , James and Eric are three unlikely friends on a road trip to California. In a small town in New Mexico they meet Susie and Kristie. When Kristie convinces Susie to join her in leaving town with the guys when they take off, everything seems to be going better than it ever has for everyone. Watch as they microcast their story, live, taking you on a rock-n-roll journey across the nation. Go inside rogue radio stations and see why some Americans fight for freedom of the radio airwaves.

It's not illegal to listen… or watch. Who doesn't grow up wanting to be a rock star? Twenty years later, as a married 37 year-old dad with no singing ability, he finally decided to make it happen. But that's a small price to pay to make your dreams come true. See, it's never too late to be The Internet Channel Initiative is a controversial new piece of legislation, which may change the Internet as we know it.

While the experts help frame the issue, the most compelling interviews for the debate are taken from people on the streets of America. The statistics and studies are quickly overshadowed by the personal experiences of actual people. The dinner is followed by a special closing Awards Ceremony for the winning ZIFF films on the big screen with a nod to the independent films at the Oscars on the little screen. The three main protagonists, aspiring actress Diana Zoe Tapper , struggling playwright Robin David Leon and director Christopher Lovell Andrew Lincoln meet by chance and become embroiled in an emotional love triangle.

Together they stumble through the often sinister pitfalls of London's theatrical establishment on a rags-to-riches quest in a city on the brink of war.

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This intriguing and heartwarming story opens in the dressing room of stage star Lily Evans, where Diana as a small child watches her mother prepare for her performance. Lily's early death and Diana's memories of her mother inspire the young girl, and against the wishes of her uncle, she runs away from home and enrols at Drama School. Once in London she encounters Robin, Christopher and a host of eccentric, outlandish characters including Baker Terence Stamp , the effusive piano playing butler blessed with wit and a wisdom that keeps everyone in check.

He is the oracle to whom all the characters relate in times of frustration and heartache. Lottie Osgood Anjelica Huston , ebullient American millionairess who eventually backs the play, much to the chagrin of the villains of the piece: Douglas Middleton Mark Umbers - the languid, impossibly handsome matinee idol; Garstin Leo Bill - Diana's cousin, a bitter, runt of a man intent on causing trouble, and Everard Jamie Glover - effete son of Lord Carter Roy Dotrice , carefully rouged and outrageous to the last.

As the three central characters struggle in their desperate bid for recognition, their journey is overshadowed by the threat of war. Haunted 4min. An experimental music video that deals with the concept of fear through the exploration of a space which does not exist. Enter a world where a creature represents the abstract beasts that hide in the corners of all minds.

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The rooms that are explored are metaphors for the places we keep hidden in our conscious and subconscious. The Waiting Room 8min A young man finds himself in an unusual facility where he is forced to deal with his past. May 15, Day Trips. If you have been riding up and down Kite Beach for a while, or have arrived for a vacation as an experienced rider, it can be fun to challenge yourself to a downwinder!

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  • Just like it sounds, this is a kiteboarding term used to describe taking off from a launch upwind with a transport vehicle at either end of the journey downwind. A downwinder in the ocean is certainly an experience within itself. The dynamic nature of the ocean with its currents, chop, and waves all potentially moving in different directions present their own challenges! The reward is marrying the two sublimely beautiful experiences of sailing and surfing into the one truly amazing discipline of kitesurfing, with the added bonus of taking in the gorgeous scenery and marine life around you.

    Kite Beach offers two quick options — either catch a lift to the secret kite spot La Boca and kite the 12 km of shore break back to Kite Beach, or head out from Kite Beach and down to Encuentro, the surf beach about 6 km from us.

    Challenge Yourself to a Downwinder

    GoKite Cabarete offers chauffeured and supervised options from both locations, so you can feel safe on this new route and experience. The key is to find a balance between keeping the kite flying with enough tension on the lines and maintain a good angle downwind. Then, hook the kite back and forth between 10 and 2 to build apparent wind, and alternating between edging and riding toeside on your board. GoKite Cabarete offers half day downwinders to La Boca at super reasonable prices.