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Then they are besieged by hundreds of walkers, with one of the survivors Sophia being chased by zombies through woods. As the episode ends, Carl is accidentally shot by a deer-hunting survivor of another group that lives nearby. The man who accidentally shot Carl leads Shane head to the abandoned medical facility, where they retrieve the supplies.

Tune in to AMC on Sunday nights to find out. But zombies have been making a comeback for a few years; videogames like Resident Evil , Dead Rising and the recent Dead Island have been stoking the fire, as well as movies like Shaun of the Dead , Zombieland and 28 Days Later. You never know where the undead will turn up next — so you better be ready, especially this Halloween. Ever since the George A. Preparing for Hordes Benjamin Hermes has thought a lot about zombies. More specifically, how to take them out.

Batter up! Zombies have been experiencing a real surge in popularity lately, and not just at events like Maker Faire. Recently even the Centers for Disease Control issued a guide on how to prepare yourself for the fictional zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 6: Live Bait | Rachel Tsoumbakos

Or is it fictional? A CDC ad promoting zombie preparedness. Digital Media Academy thinks so, too, and this summer, DMA Studios will make a short film featurette about — you guessed it — zombies! DMA Studios is a premier summer camp experience that puts you in the middle of a real studio production environment.

Students in the two-week program come together as a working film production team to write, produce, shoot and edit the movie. The entire two weeks will be just like working on a real film production for a Hollywood studio: pre-production meetings, location scouting, casting, multiple shooting units, special effects teams…the whole nine yards. Register now for this exciting sci-fi moviemaking experience.

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10 Zombie TV Shows Ranked, From ‘The Walking Dead’ to ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

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The Dead Must Die: Episode 6 - A bad case of the munchies

Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Back in undead Davina McCall's two-contestant scenario, brutish Patrick Andy Nyman is having a hard time getting on with weepy Pippa Kathleen McDermott , particularly when he finds it necessary to relieve his bladder into a waste-paper bin, to Pippa's horror. What is she , then, a camel…? Things are going to get worse before they get anything else, and Zombie Davina's not going anywhere….

Over in the Big Brother household, a zombie-bite that Angel sustained during the first break-through has sent her into shock - and into the greenhouse, where the contestants vote to exile her before she 'zombies out'. Tender Grayson shows his true mettle as a trained charge-nurse trying to keep angel alive. Trouble is, he needs drugs to do it, and the nearest chemist is separated from the contestants by a mile of zombie-strewn road. When Space remembers his fondness for the marshalling techniques in One Man And His Dog , a plan for a supplies expedition forms, and - apart from dumb old Marky initially forgetting to shut the gate on the way out - it seems to be off to a good start….

The classic zombie movie referenced for tonight's episode is Dawn Of The Dead either version , with a vision of our hapless contestants looking down onto the London apocalypse from the roof of the Big Brother house. The trope of survivalism inevitably rears its head as the non-infected contestants realise what a danger Angel will become to them if she dies, and here Brooker is no doubt preparing us for harder choices later on in the week. The under-saturated colours of Dead Set are beginning to get on my nerves; it's all very chic and post-industrial, but the show frequently looks as if it was shot in black and white.