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They will consider it a privilege to know you. Know this, believe this and embrace it. Wear it well. It is who you are. Beloved, as I remove each filament of your cocoon I eradicate the reproach of men and circumstances from the deep places of your heart. Like Eve I have taken away your reproach Genesis This was done at the Cross but now must be walked out in the natural everyday things of your life.

The things you thought and used as excuses, allowing them to bind you in a cocoon of sleep, I have removed. I need you to agree with Me on this and see them melt like wax in a flame. The enemy wishes for you to concentrate on them to the point you give them power over you. Beloved, close your eyes and see Me. See Me pulling away layer after layer.

See Me near you right now for I am removing the reproach of men. I am granting you favor with Myself and man Luke ; Isaiah What I am doing now, you or no one can argue with. I remove and break away all words and judgments of men and even family. In the process, I bring a work of humbleness to their lives, thereby freeing them at the same time. What is done for you ultimately becomes their freedom. You will comfort in which you have been comforted 2 Corinthians I have taken the crooked staff the enemy used to reach out and wrap around your neck, pulling you back into the places of darkness, and turned it into a sword of the Spirit Ephesians ; Hebrews As you remain faithful to Me, I deny him any power over you.

My grace is sufficient, and My love gives lift to your graceful, yet powerful, wings, enabling you to soar above all that was. I restore the years the locusts have eaten Joel The time of recompense has come for I have been jealous for you, My beloved.


I have been jealous and longed to see the beautifully intricate butterfly you are to soar above every circumstance. I have longed for others to have their lives enlightened and brightened by your appearance. As many travel far and wide to see migrations of butterflies so shall many come to see what I have done in you. Arise and believe. Arise and embrace. Freedom to fly is here.

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Beloved, as you rise and fly in the current of My mighty wings, you will have sight into My realm of goodness and glory—into My realm of thinking and doing. For I have called you to collect pollen and take it from place to place. The deposits you share will make it possible for gardens to bloom in the lives of others. What you have, they need.

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However, you cannot do this with old mind sets or when you believe what others have said about you or to you. As your cocoon dries up and becomes only a faint memory you will indeed be free. For without pollen, without the deposits of My goodness I have placed in you, many would stay in their bound-up cocoons way past the necessary time.

The right amount of time produces one like you, while excessive time destroys hope.

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As you dispense the sweet pollen of My nectar into the lives of others, self-reproach will be removed, and I will remove the reproach of men upon their lives. What I have done for you I will do for them. What I have given you I will give to them. I will cause you to light in places where you will collect much pollen and revelation. You will then process it through your own unique personality and giftedness to make what others need.

There are many who will best receive what I want to give them through you more than anyone else. Therefore, divine appointments and situations are being arranged.

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Gardens in need of your pollen are being made ready for you. Have faith and do not be afraid, it is all beyond what you imagined you would do for Me. You receive from Me and I establish. I determine and you obey with the full understanding that I am the one who does it through you and for you. Beloved, drink continually from the nectar of communion with Me in order to come in and go out of My presence with the necessary pollen to produce in like kind.

Comfort as you have been comforted, My butterfly 2 Corinthians Soar the lofty heights among realms of intricately woven places of glory and share in all I am and called you to be 2 Thessalonians Like the eagle you must rise and faint not. Behold I do a new thing Isaiah ; Isaiah The best is here, the best is yet to come.

Now arise and open your wings. Yes, open your wings and dare to fly. Lord, I receive the sweet nectar of Your Word. It settles down around my heart and flows into the hidden places of dryness like fresh spring water. It coats my heart like thick honey from the Rock.

I declare that my eyes are beholding You in a whole new way. I am able to see into the realms of Your glory and presence that have been reserved for me in this day. Metamorphosis is taking place with every breath I breathe. My heart responds to Your wooing of Love. I receive Your goodness—Your kindness which flows to me from the depths of Your heart. The gates of purpose and destiny are swinging wide open.

Favor, blessing and honor are mine as I dwell in You. All that has been stolen is being returned multiplied unto me. Spring is arising in my heart.

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The Son is shining and the rain of Your presence is softening the soil of my heart. I am being made new. Flowers of provision in every area of my life are popping up just as I need them. I am being prepared to fly. Spring is here and my love is awakened. Lord, teach me to see You in every circumstance.

Open the eyes of my heart to see with great faith—to see what You see when You look beyond the struggles I experience as I try to walk out this life You have given me. Always remind me to put You in remembrance of the Word you have spoken to me. Let faith arise with wings of hope and expectation and I will mount up and fly into the promises, into the purposes you have for me with great delight.