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Author Meha Agarwal Inc42 Staff. Click to Comment. The number of directors is being expanded to 11 These two new directors are designated as independent directors There could also be changes in the senior management team reporting to Krishnamurthy. By Bhumika K. By Team Inc42 05 Oct'19 3 min read. By Yatti Soni 06 Oct'19 6 min read.

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How do venture capital companies decide which investments to pursue? What is the monetisation strategy for VCs that invest in startups? Fundraising By Team Inc42 05 Oct'19 7 min read. Loading Next….

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The first, the casework sample backlog, are samples collected from crime scenes, suspects and victims in criminal cases. Backlogged casework samples delay analysis for all kinds of forensic evidence. The second major source is the convicted offender backlog, which consists of samples from those arrested and incarcerated for qualifying crimes.

The convicted offender backlog includes as many as , unanalyzed DNA samples, with more than , samples yet to be taken, according to the National Institute of Justice. It is part of the DNA Initiative that be-gan in and has aimed to develop new DNA technologies, eliminate backlogs and train forensic professionals at federal, state and local levels.

State and local governments can request money to expand crime laboratories that conduct DNA analysis as well as funds to handle, screen and analyze back-logged forensic DNA casework samples. State legislatures are also addressing the backlog problem. Lawmakers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin have authorized audits of state crime labs to improve efficiency and reduce backlog.

Other states are studying the issue or hiring private labs to analyze samples to meet growing forensic demands. As enthusiastic as many lawmakers are about the potential for DNA technology, they also are mindful that new programs cost money. In the current economic climate, legislators are looking for new revenue to cover the costs.

Tennessee is considering charging a fee to local governments for elective DNA testing.

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Ramsey says. Advances in forensic science continue to help states increase the effectiveness of their criminal justice systems. Controversy is rising over what lab technicians should do when a DNA sample reveals a partial match to one of the profiles registered in the database.

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A partial match means the incriminating biological evidence does not belong to that person, but it may belong to one of their relatives. If a lab turns over the partially matched profile to police to investigate family members, have the constitutional rights of those relatives been violated? Advocates for the use of partial matches, however, believe safeguards can answer privacy concerns.

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In Colorado, administrative regulations permit the use of partial matches, as well as a procedure known as familial searching, which refines the partial match criteria so that the results are more likely to lead to a family member. This method involves a close examination of the Y chromosome, the male sex chromosome, and works only for men. But what New Idea can now exclusively reveal is that the two men share a trusted friendship - and have a secret pact to help one another reveal the truth of their royal heritage.

Charles and Camilla's alleged love child Simon Dorante-Day. Princess Margaret's alleged love child Robert Brown. Of course, if Simon is successful, the results of the DNA test would be sure to cause a stir behind palace doors. In an exclusive interview with New Idea , Simon and his wife Elvianna spoke about their friendship with Robert, now 64, since finding each other on Facebook back in He was the first cousin I got to speak to. The first phone call went for two, three hours.

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He was the first to do it, he demonstrated how to do it — and we did it too. It's believed she kept the pregnancy under wraps to avoid the scandal of a princess having a baby out of wedlock and so adopted the baby out to Cynthia and Douglas Brown. Margaret and Cynthia reportedly knew each other, and Robert even remembers meeting her as a young boy. Charles and Camilla at a polo match in In another similarity, there are inconsistencies with both of their birth certificates.

Family members told him that he would be a royal one day. Simon believes his mother wanted to stop him telling the truth to his wife Elvianna. The royal family at the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles' investiture as Prince of Wales in March