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These roots are organized in different patterns and coupled with various short vowels to indicate nouns, verbs, people, adjectives, and more. A transliteration involves using the script of one language to write another. Also note that there is no capitalization in Arabic. The Arabic words appear to be more condensed as they take up less space. This distinction would seem obvious as, inter-culturally speaking, even handwriting in English differs in appearance from language in print.

See below:. A typed grocery list, from right-to-left and top-to-bottom. The same grocery list as above, handwritten. As in English with names like Michael, Matt, John, Jennifer, Stephanie, and Mary, there are certain names that will appear over and over again in Arabic. At a time of hate, the love you are sending down from out there is perfect. For those of us in the space movement, you have brought an energy, commitment and brightness that was sorely needed. Comment by Rick Tumlinson — September 27, pm. Dear Anousheh, how are you?

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I read your spaceblog, being very impressed about your experience. But first of all I must learn from your experience and from my teachers Yvonne and Ralf Heckel.

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I wish you all the bests for you and your team, a good landing after this wonderfull experience. Wellcome back to earth. Comment by Stefan Martini — September 27, pm. Tremendous descriptions. Good Luck, Arash R. Comment by Aarsh R — September 27, pm. Comment by nastaran — September 27, pm.

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Comment by Hadi — September 27, pm. Desejo que vc se encontre … Aqui, de Goiania Goias Brasil nossa menssagem de muita paz para todos que habitam o planeta terra. Volte feliz, nondamendes. Comment by nondamendes — September 27, pm.

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Dear Mrs Ansari, Thanks for taking time out and sharing with people back home on Earth writing your Blog every day. It has been a pleasure to read of your experience first hand as it happens. You will have to include it all in a book. Have a safe return flight, re-entry and landing. Thanks again. Comment by Phil Mills — September 27, pm.

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  • Salam Emrooz be in fekr mikardam ke donya cheghadr mitoone kochik bashe! Shayd asemooniam nist. Age tonestin khoshhal misham be sarzamine royaee man ham sari bezanid!!!! Comment by Amir Mahmoudi — September 27, pm.

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    I am really enjoying reading your experience from ISS. Please keep on blogging though you are just about to start your journey back! Comment by Sina Monfared — September 27, pm. Comment by Tourang — September 27, pm. We can not all be there, in space, so thank you for seeing for us and sharing your experience with us.

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    • Wish you all the best! Comment by Linda — September 27, pm. Very nice description, brings floating in orbit to life for those of us stuck on Earth in a way no NASA document ever will. Comment by richard — September 27, pm. Comment by toktam — September 27, pm. Dear Anousheh, you are doing the most fantastic job on this blog!

      This is bringing people all over the world the feeling of being in space in wonderfully personal way. By the way, that lip gloss you lost — was that allowed in your carry-on luggage or did you have to check that? Comment by David S. Her official web site now has several videos she recorded on the ISS, including one thanking all the people who visited and left comments on her blog. Note that in the videos she is wearing overalls whose design incorporates both the US and Iranian flags. Hopefully no one at the State Department is going apoplectic at the moment… […].

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      Thank you Anousheh!!!! You also make me dream!!!! Thank you and see you soon on earth!! Comment by Max — September 27, pm.

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      Another one, tho. Ansari, your blog is a delight to read, and I wish you a safe journey back home, and oh boy will you have stories to tell your kids and grandkids! Comment by Jeff Williams — September 27, pm. Comment by mojtaba — September 27, pm. Hi there, and thank you for sharing your experience with us earthlings who might not be able to experience what you are experiencing right now in our lifetime.

      Do you assemble the crew for a cleaning-raid or do you start up the vacuum cleaner are there such objects there? Comment by Stefan Malmlund — September 27, pm. Comment by sina — September 27, pm. Comment by Sasan — September 27, pm. Imagine when he was a little boy, the first aeroplanes started to fly. Nowadays you can fly anywhere over the entire globe at any moment for hardly any money.

      Our modern society could not function without this form of transport anymore. Do you see the analogy? I wonder what the world will be when I myself am really old. Now, thanks to people like you, spacetravel will come within reach to more and more people. My ultimate dream naturally would be flying into space one day, and maybe if I live long enough, that day will come. If not, I am very happy that I live in an age that I can share the experiences of other people and that I have lived to see it all happening, from the first careful steps into space, the landings on the moon, development of spacestations etc.

      I really love reading your blog and since so many people are so enthousiastic about it you must be doing a great job! I hope that one day you will visit our country, so that I can hear more of your stories directly from you. Herewith you are invited to give a presentation before our local astronomy society ;o. This morning I got up early and saw your star brilliantly rise in the west and fly across the twilight sky. It was a nice view and I would recommend that to you too when you will be back on earth. It would be strange realizing that you have been on board of the ISS during these 11 days when you see it fly among the stars.

      Comment by Wim — September 27, pm.

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      You are very unique and a great lady. Everyone is so proud of you Lioness. Keep up your blogs and have a safe journey back home.