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Before The RIOT skipped work to go celebrate Obi's birthday with some Wendy's breakfast they took some time to talk topless coffee bars, Disney balloon wranglers, a naked Canadian in a shark tank and much more! Is there a celebrity that means enough to you that you would be willing to go protest outside of a courthouse for them? Obadiah says "no" but Nikki is pretty sure he doesn't like anything. Also in today's podcast, we get details on the Apple Watch 5, how to go to college for free, and feral pigs, BIG feral pigs. There's more streaming news and we are tired of it!

But that doesn't mean that we don't discuss it all at length in today's show. There's also no shortage of ridiculous food news that we get into as well.

Plus, we try to decide how Obadiah should spend his birthday weekend! How will we go on? Obadiah has some suggestions for old movies on Netflix as he chats up 's Poseidon. Happy Monday! We spent Friday the 13th talking about why might want to start thrifting, why you shouldn't storm Area 51, and the most important thing about Friday the 13th, the sales! If your friend was wearing the same shirt, would you say something?

Nikki would Apparently it has something to do with the novocaine. Other important topics: biting vs stabbing, National Video Game Day, and crazy animal videos.

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If this podcast proves anything, it's that The RIOT are not good at keeping each other accountable on any subject Dew VooDew. Obadiah is back today and Nikki says that he sounds like he is still sick. His voice? She says that his filter is "off" which means that today's show is extra fun and extra insulting. It's not Obadiah's imagination: it was a rough morning Log In Sign Up. Obadiah and Nikki carry on and on and on every weekday morning.

We think it's funny.

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You should listen. Show More. It was raining. Some people were sat in chicken shops; some people weren't. Nando's wasn't on fire. I was too late; the revolution was over. But I'd travelled a way to get there, and frankly I was pumped. The people of Walthamstow might no longer be on the streets, but Twitter was certain there was some rioting going on. I surveyed the scene. The local branch of Foxtons was still intact, so it seemed like there had been no fuckparade railing against gentrification. The doors to Sports Direct and Tesco hadn't been smashed to pieces, and there was no sign that the police had been shooting people dead; this wasn't Tottenham What exactly had happened, nobody seemed sure.

Plenty of cops were swarming about; although each one I asked said there'd been "a disturbance", seemingly keen to not give too much away. Outside Fosters' Supermarket was a local guy named Munshif.

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I asked him if he knew what was up. I thanked Munshif, who was adamant he didn't work in the shop that he'd been standing in, although he remained there for the next two hours by the counter. The bloke at the counter next to him also refused to spill any beans. At first I thought it had all been kicking off inside this MaccyD's. It's one of those new ones with iPads everywhere, where these weird machines make clicking noises as you work out how you want your McFlurry.

The walls were covered in graffiti the manager assured me it was supposed to look like that , and a sign informed us that there were no mozzarella sticks.

Everyone came to watch, and then it moved up the road when the fighting girls showed up. The police started following us, there was at least people. There were a thousand people. Back to Jay. We all piled in here, then the police made us all leave, so we walked up towards Nando's where people started fighting again. Then they pulled out their batons and arrested a boy who didn't even do anything," he continued.

I was shouting, 'Bring an ambulance now! I was about to walk out and go somewhere else, and then a cop hit me in the back with a baton. Courtney assured me tasers were being fired off left, right and centre. Back on the street, two guys had appeared outside Betfred, so I asked them if they knew any more than I'd heard already. I didn't really know what he meant. I gave the guy his laser, and I saw a big group of youths, a lot of youths running around, and it was all over a college, people were fighting about college.

The other Ali joined in.

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Some guy cheated on this girl, and she was pissed, so wanted to fight the girldem who her man had been fucking. The girls had baseball bats, knives, you know, calling each other stuff like 'bitch' and 'snake' and 'hoe'. They wouldn't tell me the names of the young women, or of the guy who had allegedly fucked them both. But the skirmish had taken place on Hoe Street, which is still providing Twitter with easy lols some 20 hours later.

Back to Ali 1: "There was fighting, hundreds of people and cops marching.